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Jacint Verdaguer, catalan poet.

"Who could be flying with you through the oaks that drink the drips of the harsh Pyrenees".


We are located in the town of Muntanyola but isolated from the urban area. This is why we give you the exact indications of how to arrive from Barcelona by car. If you have any question, you want to be picked up at the airport or come with public transport, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Use these coordenates to arrive with GPS. We are located few kilometers outside the closest town so this will give you an accurate destination.


Latitude 41.89313

Longitude 2.184343

Elevation 688 m



How to arrive from Barcelona by car?

- Take the road C-17 in direction Vic.

- Leave C-17 with the exit Vic Sud, take the third exit from the                       roundabout until arriving to the town of Santa Eulàlia de                               Riuprimer

- Cross the town until you find the Road of Muntanyola (carretera de  Muntanyola) on your left.

- Follow the road of Muntanyola for 1.5 kilometers where you will find a     narrow road on the left that crosses a small stream. You will recognise it     from the signage by the turning. You will see 3 signs, one with the houses of the area and the second, a map of the aerea and ours, Can Riera dels Assençaments. 

- Follow the road. keep winding your way up to the mountain crossing       the house Cal Ros until you reach a large white house on the right, Cal     Fàrras, just in front you will find us, Can Riera.

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